6 Weeks Gone By

Time has gone by fairly quickly.  I have been working at Missionaire for 6 weeks already.  I am learning, not just about maintenance, but more importantly about some areas in my life that the Lord needs to refine.  It is funny how you can be blinded about an area of your life that needs work and then suddenly, it becomes apparent to you how weak you are and that you need the Lords help and strength.   

Seek the LORD and His strength;

seek His presence continually!”

(1 Chronicles 16:11, ESV)

In stark contrast to my last prayer letter, with there being so many churches to choose from, I have chosen, at least for now, a church that is 25 minutes from my apartment.  It seems like a long way to drive but for now, this seems to be the Lord’s leading.  I attend a small group Bible study on Sunday nights which has been extremely nice and is led by the pastor.  It has been great to get to know people there, especially the pastor and his wife.  Everyone seems so nice and have a heart for the Lord.  There is also a young adult group that I have become connected with which is also a blessing.

At Missionaire, I have been involved in many maintenance tasks from removing cylinders to stripping paint off of airplane parts.  I have posted a few pictures:

A Cessna 172 that Missionaire owns.  We are giving it a face-lift 🙂

random TN 006

A door off of the 172  (before and after the paint was removed)


A beautiful engine of a Cessna 150, owned by an aerobatics instructor in Sewanee, TN.  Catherine Cavagnaro trains pilots how to do spins and loops..you know all that crazy stuff!! 🙂 Allan, my trainer, looks on.



My sister was able to come visit the second weekend I was here. It was fun! There is a small lakefront beach about 7 minutes from my house.  The area where I live is surrounded by beauty.  There is a large lake, great playground area, small camping site, tennis courts, multiple athletic fields, trails and a swim center.  I truly love it all!



Thank you for reading.  I hope to post an update next week with a picture of the fully paint-stripped 172.  Thanks again.  God bless you all, Liz 🙂