Change of Scenery

From the Palms to the Pines

Last month, our airplane was due for its annual inspection. We have been blessed the last few years to have the assistance of MMS to complete this task. MMS is a mission organization, located in Ohio, that assists other mission groups with their aircraft maintenance tasks. My co-worker, Andres, was scheduled to go to MMS to assist them in the work but was held up with other responsibilities in the hangar. So, I raised my hand. While I am not fond of maintenance work, I had been facing some increasing allergy concerns and welcomed a different environment for two weeks.

Dale and Deborah, my sweet hosts, have allowed me to stay in their basement apartment. They have invited me over for several meals and included me in their game night at their Amish friend’s newly built home. That was fascinating! I have also been loaned a car from the CEO of MMS so I have a great amount of flexibility which is a wonderful blessing.

After just a few days at MMS, it was apparent that God had used my poor living situation to usher me to Ohio. I was instantly impressed by the facility. MMS has certainly made the most of the resources God has given to them. As early as the first morning meeting, it was obvious that there was a strong sense of leadership and organization. There are camaraderie and familial spirit in the team here. I am learning so much, not just regarding maintenance but also through witnessing a well-oiled machine at work.

Below is a video of the work I have been doing here. Some of the material is the same as my last video but I believe you will still find it interesting.

My trip has now been extended until the end of April. I look forward to learning as much as I can before I leave. I will also be moving out of my apartment when I return to Florida so life will continue to be busy. I am thankful for the kindness of so many who make life in missions possible. From the hosts here in Ohio to the family who has opened their home for me when I return to Florida. Each of these places provides an opportunity to seek out the Lord’s next steps for me in a healthy environment. I am blessed. A huge shout-out of thanksgiving to those who have given this past month to help me make it through. Each month is a display of God’s faithfulness and He shines through you all. Thank you and God bless!

Replacing necessary hardware to ensure the baggage nose door doesn’t inadvertently come open during flight. That would make for a bad day.