When God Moves

I am excited! I am humbled.  I am grateful.

God is definitely revealing pieces of His plan as it unfolds before me. What started as a calling to be a missionary pilot has developed into forming a ministry that will organize pilots’ efforts to transport victims of sex trafficking to safety where they will be introduced with the Hope and complete healing that can only come from knowing Jesus Christ.  Yes, I will be a missionary pilot but God had a much bigger plan.  I am filled with an inexpressible peace and joy.

I was just looking through some old emails trying to narrow down when exactly God began stirring my heart regarding the ministry of fighting sex trafficking.  I found my first reference to it on July 12, 2012.  4 months later I would fly solo in an airplane for the first time.

This past Tuesday, July 24th would become another special day.  Up until this time, I had not heard of any organization or even another pilot who had the desire to donate their time flying for the cause of rescuing sex trafficking victims.  God is AMAZING.

Josue (Josh) Diaz.  I met him in 2013 while we were both studying at Mercer County Community College, about 20 minutes from where I live now.  We both attended InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  He was in the aviation program and I had shared that I was training to be a missionary pilot.  Soon after our meeting I had left school to live with my sister in Kentucky and we lost touch.

July 10, 2017 Josh miraculously begins working in the tiny hangar at the flight school with me.  If you don’t think God is up to something BIG, you are in denial.  Two weeks later, Josh tells me that his heart is to volunteer his time, apart from his aspiration to become a professional pilot, to help transport victims of sex trafficking to safety!!! I was overcome with a quiet peace and joy.  As I sit here, tears well up within me.  A sacred vision is coming together before my eyes.  I have been told that I should have been writing a book all these years and I agree.  I may even start now.  The formation of this ministry is going to be so exciting.  I can just sense it! I would like to bring glory to God in every step of the way.  It will be a tribute to His faithfulness and loving care for each of His children.  He cares deeply and will use all of us if we will be open to His leading in our life.

Please keep me in your prayers as I strive with all that I am to form a ministry that is pleasing to the Lord.  It is more than I can do on my own and I will rely on the Holy Spirit and the prayers and counsel of His disciples to guide me.  Come along for the ride!!! Stay in touch and send some encouragement along the way. The Fight of Faith is not for the faint of heart–that I know, and so do you, I am sure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you are reading this, you have likely prayed and are just as vital to this groundbreaking as I am.  Thank you.

In His great love,

Liz 🙂