Logistics and Maintenance

Some faithful blog readers might remember me mentioning a non-profit organization, Anti-Predator Project, which utilizes private investigators and individuals from various agencies to locate missing and trafficked children. About six weeks ago, I was blessed to have a phone meeting with their president. I wanted to learn more about their organization and see if there might be a way that we could work together. As we wrapped up our conversation, we began talking about how Wings of the Way (WOW) might be able to help them. They told me of a situation that they had been working on. Their team had rescued a family from a dangerous situation and they were trying to find housing for them. Due to the family’s unique situation and the current housing market, we have come up empty. Please pray that the right doors will open and that this family will find a safe and secure place to begin their healing journey.

Much of my time lately has been spent coordinating schedules, emailing churches and ministries, and preparing presentations for some upcoming conferences and meetings that I will be a part of. I have just arrived in Washington state, where I will have the opportunity to share about Wings of the Way (WOW) to various missionary aviation ministries. The conference will take place at Moody Aviation, a division of Moody Bible Institute. It will be my first time on their campus, and I am really looking forward to it.

When I conclude my trip to the West, I will be headed to Florida where many missionary organizations will be represented at one of the largest airshows in the country, Sun N Fun. While I am in Florida, I plan to visit several ministries and introduce them to the ministry of Wings of the Way.

I mentioned Moody Aviation earlier. Well, God has used them in a unique way to bless me. Allow me to offer some background. After three years of holding an aircraft mechanic certification (A&P), one can become eligible to test for the next certification which is called Inspector Authorization (IA). You must meet with a representative from the FAA to discuss your eligibility to test. I wanted my IA but I wasn’t sure I would qualify because I hadn’t been participating in maintenance full-time for the last year or so. Upon moving to GA, I tried to involve myself in as much maintenance as I could while still maintaining my focus of developing the anti-trafficking ministry here. I helped mentor youth, worked alongside another IA, and watched online maintenance seminars. I was very nervous about the meeting with the FAA representative. I knew if the maintenance over this time period was not accepted, then receiving my IA would most likely never happen After explaining how I had been actively engaged, the FAA representative granted me permission to test. I was thrilled! This is where Moody Aviation comes into play. I had reached out to two missionary organizations that teach aircraft maintenance to see if they had a program to prepare a mechanic to take the IA test. The first ministry said they did not, but the second ministry, Moody Aviation, did. In fact, they were in the process of developing an online course that would meet my exact need. The traditional schools that offer training of this kind cost nearly $1,000. They offered it to me for free if I would be willing to provide feedback to the developers. This is such a blessing and I plan to begin the course at the end of this month. This additional rating will be very valuable in the ministry work that I am a part of and will also be a way for me to earn additional income on the side.

In other maintenance news, I was able to assist Christ Flight Ministries (CFM) as they returned their Cessna 172 to service. We needed to replace four cylinders as well as change out some critical hardware that had become corroded over time. I was blessed to be able to help with that project. The newest project is a Piper Cherokee that is having its engine replaced and is also due for its annual inspection. Chris, the head mechanic, has been wonderful to work with and I am very grateful to assist him when I can.

Left to Right: Wesley (director of CFM), Myself, Pastor Owen Mears, and Pastor Joseph Lee

Surprise, surprise! A pastor friend of mine from New Jersey texted me one Sunday morning to say that he was in Gwinnett county visiting his dad. I was surprised, to say the least. Gwinnett county is where my church is located as well as the airport that I work out of. We were able to have lunch together and the following day the director of CFM and I gave him, along with my pastor from the Korean church, a tour of the ministry.

My brother Jonny and I 🙂

During our trip to New Hampshire for my uncle’s funeral, my mom, dad, and brother were able to visit the church where my grandmother used to attend as a teenager. We had never been there before, so it was a neat experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. There was so much more to share, but I could not fit it all in. Stay tuned! The next blog will be exciting! 🙂