Diamond in the Rough

So, last week was really rough.   Work was extremely stressful to the point of feeling like I might have to find another job if the atmosphere continued to be that toxic.  Secondly,  my truck broke down twice and I spent most of the week trying to troubleshoot and get parts.  It was all fine but by the time Friday came, I was exhausted.

Despite the extremely trying week, I heard good news.  Let me give some background to this news first.  About 2 months ago, God began to open doors for me to possibly fly for the FBI to rescue girls out of trafficking.  I was, (and still am), EXTREMELY excited about the possibility!  Soon after things quickly progressed, they suddenly stopped.  I sensed the Lord telling me to be patient.  This was His dream before it was mine.  So, I waited.

Last week, a door slowly opened.  The flight school I last trained at has connections with the FBI.  The owner of the flight school’s nephew is the Director of Maintenance for the FBI here in NJ! The owner told me to send him my resume and he would get it to his nephew as he sees him twice a week.  WOW!!!  This just might be the first step to getting through that FBI door.  We will see!

This week I began working later so that I could potentially fly in the mornings.  Right now, I am studying for my written test (again) and can take it as soon as I am ready.

Well, interesting things just keep on developing.  It is fun to be on this side watching God work all these details out.  It has been a long time coming and over the last year, I have had an significant amount of peace to just place God’s dream for me in His hands and rest.

I hope this finds you all doing well and I truly hope that you all have a very blessed Christmas!

Thank you for your care and for reading,

Liz 🙂