For His Name’s Sake

Hi friends,

I am sure one word that frequently peppers many Christmas letters is the word “busy.”  This one would be no exception.  It is hard to keep things balanced when the needs are pressing all around.  I pray that we would all be able to say yes to the things God has for us and leave behind those things that may be meant for someone else to handle.

Recently I made a trip back to New Jersey so I could share my ministry with a few other groups as well as relocate my remaining items from New Jersey to Florida.  A permanent move.  During my visit, I was able to share my presentation at one church, another small group and was able to meet staff from another church that currently supports me.  Each meeting was a special blessing.  I am always thankful for opportunities to share what God is doing and how He is using ordinary people to accomplish great things for His name’s sake.  I was also able to celebrate my birthday with some great friends.  A sweet blessing.

My trip back to Florida was incredibly smooth.  I had no issues at all during my 16-hour journey and hardly hit any traffic.the-van  Thanks be to God!  A true praise happened two days before I left on my trip.  Hertz called me.  I had reserved a moving van for the entirety of my trip.  I was somehow going to navigate driving an oversized van through the streets of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The reservation was close to $650 for 12 days.  As God’s sovereignty would have it, Hertz called me 2 days before my trip and asked if I would mind driving a car from Florida and exchange it for a van before leaving New Jersey because they could not find a van locally! Well, isn’t God good? Had I made the reservation that way, it would have costed around $1400! Thank you Lord!!!

Enjoying my birthday at America's Keswick. I had to take a picture of me eating french toast!

Enjoying my birthday at Keswick. I had to take a picture of the french toast!

I have more news, on a more spectacular note.  For four years I have been challenged with inflammation in my spine and hips which has caused much discomfort.  Being on an especially strict diet was helping with the pain but even still I felt like the condition was worsening as time progressed.  Many people were praying for my health as I had a particularly rough summer. I saw a local chiropractor here in Florida and he recommended something free—ice. I also began doing stretches for my neck.  So, each morning and night I would do this routine of icing and stretching.  I realized over time that I was able to eat things that would have before been restricted and there were no flare-ups!! I was reluctantly confused.  How could this be? After all of these years, the remedy was was ice and neck stretches?  I know for a fact that God has heard the prayers of His people on my behalf and I am extremely grateful.  I do not know if this will be a permanent healing as there is still soreness at times but for now I can rejoice that my diet is much more open and the discomfort has subsided. PRAISE BE TO GOD, the giver of all good gifts!!! He has heard the prayers of His people and shown me favor. Thank you to all who have prayed!!! I am extremely grateful.


God just so happened to bring Shira to the hangar on a day when Hannah was here. Shira was a missionary pilot and is currently a flight instructor in a nearby town. She was able to take Hannah flying!

Last but certainly not least!  More good things! About four years ago, I believe, a former flight instructor in New Jersey introduced me to Hannah, another female pilot looking to become a missionary pilot.  Last week Hannah volunteered one week of her time to come help us at Harvest.  It was a blessing to have her.  She has some mechanic experience so she was able to assist in the hangar while we finish up the last items to make the main airplane, the Chieftain, airworthy again.  It was surely nice to have another girl around!  We are praying for the Lord’s continued direction in her life as she seeks to gain more flight hours.

I surely hope and trust that you all have an especially blessed Christmas season!  Christ sacrificed so much to leave His throne in Heaven and come to earth as a helpless babe.  May we never forget His selfless love for us and point others to the Hope we have in Him!

Merriest Christmas to you and yours,

Liz 🙂