Health and Wellness

Hi there!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to update everyone and ask for prayer (as suggested by one of you 😉 ).

I was hoping to take my written exam this Saturday but due to my health (I will get to that) and the local college being on Spring Break, I was not able to test.  I just met with my flight instructor today to go over some materials I had been struggling with.  It was a great meeting.  I am confident that I will pass the test.  We are going to meet one more time on Thursday morning for some last-minute questions and I will likely receive my instructor sign-off then.  I will then take my written test this coming Saturday morning.  The plan will be to start flying the following Monday.

As far as my health, I have been feeling an overall weakness and lack of energy which last month, in particular, was very limiting.  At first, I thought I was fighting off the flu but after 6 weeks, I thought there might be more to it.  I had my blood drawn on Wednesday morning for a nutrient test and the results are expected within 3 weeks.  Hopefully it is something as simple as a vitamin deficiency.

Due to the physical limitations, I have been forced to put the FBI fitness training on hold.  I am trying to stay hydrated and get lots of sleep so I can pass my flight exams.  Hopefully, as I clear things off my to-do list, the stress level will be decreased and I will see better health.

In summary, my prayer request is 1) for physical healing and 2) for my flight training to be completed uninterrupted.  I am extremely grateful for the donations from so many of you that has allowed me to begin flight training again.  I have no doubt in my mind that this is it!  My goal is to have my pilot license by Memorial Day!!! 🙂

Thank you all for your care and prayers. I wouldn’t want to do any of this without the love and encouragement of my support team!


Liz 🙂

p.s. I also applied for a $1000 flight scholarship so if you would like to lift that up in prayer, I wouldn’t object 🙂  The winner will be notified by April 21, 2018.  Thanks!