Dual Cross Country Complete


So, after three weeks of trying to get a trip accomplished, (Toms River, NJ to Cape May, NJ), today my instructor and I completed it.  It was a GREAT trip!  I kept my altitude steady almost the whole trip, found all my navigational checkpoints and even calculated my times in flight.  That was a bit challenging on the way there but on the way back I did much better.  God has also allowed me to gain an improved ability to understand some navigational and directional challenges I have had in the past.  I was so blessed with the results today and am praising God!

In order to take that trip by myself, Matt would like us to take one more flight together inland.  So, Monday will be another big day. We have scheduled a trip to PA on Monday.  Please pray, if the Lord wills, that nothing will hinder this flight.  Matt feels confident that if I do well on Monday that I can take the solo trip to Cape May soon after.  This is such a big milestone for me.  I have never done a trip to another airport by myself yet and I am so excited to do it! Thank you all for your prayers.

Thank you all for your encouragement along the way.  It has been a long journey and I couldn’t have done it without the help and encouragement of those around me.  God is Faithful.

Well, enjoy your weekend everyone!

Don’t forget to pick up your encouragement this weekend as you worship in His House.

Love you all,

Liz 🙂