A Balancing Act

It has been a challenge balancing the many ministries and responsibilities that I have. I know, to be effective, I need to commit to a few and do those well. These past two months, I have been exploring avenues of service and work and believe that I am approaching a healthy work, ministry, and life balance.

I have been involved in both the Japanese and Korean communities since moving to Georgia. I am seeking to learn more about the trafficking happening within these communities and work alongside law enforcement to put an end to this horrific crime.

I have recently spoken with a human trafficking specialist in the local Sheriff’s Department, and he reiterated the need for assistance due to the enormity of the task. He also confirmed that trafficking within the Asian community here, near Atlanta, is a serious problem. I am still hoping to attend the police academy in January, but God will have to open some pretty big doors to provide the funding for that. The equipment that I needed for my private investigator job swallowed up the funds I had set aside, so I will wait for the Lord’s perfect timing for the Academy.

Since beginning my PI job, I found myself extremely frazzled and having very little time to devote to the ministries I enjoy, such as participating in ESL classes, meeting with my Asian friends, and mentoring youth in aviation. Just recently, knowing that the decision might jeopardize my ability to attend the January class at the police academy, I limited the number of hours I am working my PI job. There is a steep learning curve, and I found myself putting in just as much time working on administrative tasks (unpaid) as I was working in the field (paid). I knew I needed to take a step back to do what God has called me to do here. God will provide all that I need. I am sure of that.

This past weekend, I was extremely blessed to stay at a missionary guesthouse operated by Missionary Care Ministries, here in Georgia. Missionaries are invited to stay free of charge whenever they need a time of refreshment. The rest was greatly needed and I anticipate returning in the future.

As I view the calendar, I realize that the holidays are just around the corner. I love being only 6 hours from my sister and her kids. We are planning to get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am really looking forward to that!

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing love and support. It is incredibly meaningful. Please continue to pray for a permanent housing situation for me, where I can best serve the Lord. Many blessings to you all and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

In 2021, I am thankful that I am in Georgia. I absolutely love it. I love the people, the ministry that I get to be a part of, and the creation all around me.

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  1. Dyanne Delaney says:

    May our heavenly Father provide the energy and focus required not only to attain the skills and experience you will need in your future service, but also in sharing your faith with those in your circles of influence now. Many blessings to you … you remain in my prayers each day.

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