A Week at Missionaire

I arrived in Tennessee on Thursday, Oct 30th.   It was great to be a part of the ministry at Missionaire, even if it was just for a week.  I was able to fly 4 times with my new instructor and learned a lot.  It had been 7 months since I last flew,  so there were a lot of cobwebs to be dusted off.  It was great though; stressful at times, but great, nonetheless.

I was also able to help with a little bit of maintenance but mostly I observed how the operation functions and got to know the students and staff better.

I also visited churches and went apartment hunting.  Although I could not commit on a place to live, it was exciting to see the area where my new home would be.  The airport facilities are  very nice and I am looking forward to my time there,  beginning in May 2015.

I left on Wednesday, November 5th, to head for my 6-month military assignment in Utah.

I have attached the most recent Missionaire newsletter.  I am pictured in it,  so take a look! 🙂

MI News November 2014

Again, thank you all for your prayers and support.  It means so much!




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