It happened.  My solo flight to Cape May took place today.  It was so peaceful and I felt like the Lord was guiding each step of the way.  I guess most of all I just felt blessed to be flying at all.  It is only by the grace of God, the support of SO MANY and some persistence on my end that I am flying today.  A dream is becoming a reality and one day soon, I hope to be transporting my first survivor of sex trafficking to a place of safety.  Only God knows…and my dreams are at His feet.

Ipad 2016 001

My Little Ride

Ipad 2016 007

I was pretty happy. It was a sunny, beautiful day!

Ipad 2016 002

In the early 1940’s this was an active Naval Air Station. There is now a museum here. I have not yet been but would like to go sometime.

Ipad 2016 004

I was hoping to go into the terminal to get something from the vending machine but they were doing renovations. I will have to come back when they re-open. There is a restaurant here. Anyone want to join me for lunch? 🙂

Ipad 2016 006

N99HR a.k.a. Hot Rod.  She cruises at about 107 MPH.

4 thoughts on “Woohoo!!!

  1. Roberta timari says:

    Congratulations Liz….clocking up the miles and hours to your official certification!! Praise God for the blue skies and reasonable winds. How long did it take to get there and back and did you land in Cape May?
    Give your dreams to our ever-guiding Savior and he will open the doors. Hugs, Roberta and Frank

  2. Walt Graczyk says:

    That’s Great Liz! Glad it worked out! Sounds like it was an amazing trip. Have reach your hours yet to your receive your initial pilot license/certification? If not, I hope you get there soon!

    • I have one more solo trip trip to do and then I will have met all my requirements. Then I just need a little more practice and to take the exams. So close, I can almost smell it 🙂 Thanks for reading and the comment 🙂

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