Bug Story

I have never seen so many bugs of all different shapes and sizes. I often feel like they are crawling on me…sometimes they are and sometimes it is just my imagination.  I was driving just the other day (this actually happened twice) and I felt something on my leg, I swatted it and it felt big.  I literally said out loud. “I don’t like bugs!”  Haha.  A few seconds later this creature jumped on my other leg and when I swatted at it, and freaked out, I noticed it was wet.  I looked down and it was a frog! Ugh, cute but they are everywhere and while I had heard that you have to keep your windows closed to keep the lizards out I hadn’t heard about the frogs! Well, now I know.

2 thoughts on “Bug Story

  1. Eleanor Hughes says:

    I fully empathize with you as I am battling flying ants in my house right now! They swarm at the first hint of warm weather! I know they are part of God’s creation, but so are snakes and crocodiles and wasps. Having a healthy respect for them is one thing, but I don’t think we have to like them!

    Looking forward to seeing you again, Liz. I remember when I met you at the school on Silver Bay Road. You struck a cord in my heart.

    God bless you for all you are doing for so many.

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