Georgia Peaches

Well, I don’t know much about Georgia peaches, but I suppose I will have time to learn because I have made plans to relocate to Cumming, GA, one hour NE of Atlanta.

While all the details haven’t yet been made clear, I sense the Lord moving me and feel very good about making the transition. Several opportunities have been presented and time, and the Lord’s leading, will make certain the path that I take.

The first opportunity, which led me to the area was a job with a private investigator agency. It would not involve human trafficking or missing children cases but would teach me the skills needed to work in the field of investigation. I had the privilege of spending one week with the agency at their Florida location and really enjoyed my time with them.

The second opportunity, which I would hope to do simultaneously, is to volunteer with the local sheriff’s office in the same city, as a reserve deputy. Two factors quickly surface when I think of why joining law enforcement appeals to me. First, I would like to be trained, not only for self-defense purposes but also to learn the basics of law and it’s enforcement. As a private investigator I desire to work closely with officers. I hope I could build a repour with the department which I can use to help victims in the future.

Another opportunity also presented itself yesterday, which merges the two options mentioned. I spoke with a gentleman who operates the Human Trafficking Response Team, which he hopes will become a 501c3. It is a network of private detectives who work with law enforcement to stop trafficking. This is ideally what I would like to do but I do not have many details yet. I am hoping to meet with the gentleman who operates this non-profit to discuss more of what this opportunity might look like if I were to volunteer with their organization.

All in all, things seem to be coming together, although the view is a little hazy right now. I have given my notice at Harvest Aviation in preparation for the move, and my last day will be Friday, September 3rd. I know the Lord will bring all the pieces together in His time.

So, what does this mean for those of you have give financially? Well, I have a huge praise! I submitted an application with Global Service Network and was accepted. GSN is an umbrella organization that supports individuals that desire to serve the Lord but do not have the capacity or desire to become their own 501c3. After a ministry proposal and a letter of recommendation from the director of Harvest Aviation, I was accepted! Partnering with this network will allow donors to continue assisting with my living expenses or even participate in sponsoring a trafficking case.

For those interested in donating finances to this new mission, I plan to provide further ministry details within the next couple of weeks. This will include a breakdown of ministry duties, how funds will be allocated, the use of time spent, and steps on how to contribute. I can also be contacted through email at where I can answer any specific questions you might have.

Well, here we go! Let the adventure begin…or continue! As I relocate, I face many exciting opportunities but following closely behind are the challenges that ensue. The cost of housing is almost double of what it was in Florida and apartments are difficult to come by. My employment will also be unsteady for the first few months as I develop in the private investigation trade. I know the Lord will continue provide both the opportunities and resources I need, so I will rest in that. Thank you for taking the time to read how the Lord is working in my life. I am looking forward to all that God has planned in this next chapter of my life.

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