Prepared for This

Just like God prepared David for the battle with Goliath, I believe God has prepared me for this time. Since I was 5 years old, I had a special affection for the Asian community. Now, 35 years later, God has provided a way for me to minister in their communities to fight trafficking.

In the neighboring communities where I reside, one city has an Asian population of 12.67%, while another boasts of 25.4%. Just six months ago, the nation learned of a shooting that took place at several locations in Atlanta including massage parlors and spas where it is suspected that trafficking was taking place. The suspect claimed to have a “sex addiction” and seemingly blamed these women for his vice. My heart is to reach deep into the heart of these suffering communities and bring the light of Jesus to hurting hearts.

Please pray with me as I seek tangible ways to get involved in the lives of those with a different culture, language, and skin color than my own. Please petition the Lord that I may find in-roads that could only be made possible through His hand.

— Blessings —

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