Ministry Opportunities Abound

Today marks my third week in Georgia. The Lord has moved quickly, providing an abundance of ministry opportunities.  I am thrilled to be here.  As I was having my prayer time this morning, I thanked God for satisfying some of the deepest longings of my heart. 

Being involved in the Asian community is such a joy to me.  I have been attending a Korean church each Sunday afternoon.  My favorite part is the music.  The worship is simple and sweet, and the harmonies are beautiful.  I hope to be able to sing a song in Korean one day. The church has been supportive, especially during my housing search. The pastor and his wife have invited me to their home for a Korean meal, so I am looking forward to that! 

The Japanese community has also been a special blessing.  I first attended the Japanese church two Sundays ago.  The sermon was spoken in Japanese but displayed in English on the large screen, so I was able to follow along. While I was there, I learned about a conversational English class and asked if I could attend.  That meeting was the highlight of my week, to be sure! The class began with an assignment to discuss five different characteristics of our hometown. At my table were girls from Myanmar, Pakistan, and Japan.  I was delighted as our conversation quickly shifted from heritage to religion.  The four of us spoke gently and openly about our beliefs.  The class leader and I answered some of the student’s questions and were able to present the gospel simply and clearly. It was the most beautiful thing that I had been a part of in a long time! It still warms my heart.  The One I serve loves us so much that He died for us and gave us the great pleasure of sharing that with others.  I was so blessed. I am eager to attend the next class.

Tonight, I will be attending a campus ministry at Georgia State University.  I anticipate a wonderful time getting to know students, encouraging them in their faith, or walking alongside them, as they may be introduced to Christianity for the first time.  We will enjoy a meal together and then a time of worship.

So, you might be wondering, “Why all this talk about Asian ministry?” Where did this come from, and what does that have to do with FlyMissions—which has an obvious tie to aviation ministry?  Since I was young, I have had a special love for the Asian community.  When I first learned of trafficking, it was brought to my attention that trafficking was rampant in Asia.  My heart was instantly gripped with concern, and over the years, that concern has grown into a passion.  As I continued my aviation studies, God showed me how to use aviation to help victims, and my vision remains the same. I want to use aviation to bring victims to safe homes where they will hear about Christ, and be transformed by Him.  My goal in working with the Asian population (Japanese and Korean, for now) is to find out how to help those in the Asian community who are victims of trafficking. 

That is where the investigation piece comes in.  I am working part-time as a private investigator to learn the techniques of surveillance and investigation.  I plan to use those skills to combat trafficking in the neighborhoods around me.

As you can see, I am very busy.  I would be thrilled and honored if you would like to continue partnering with me through prayers and, if possible, finances. The harvest, indeed, is plenteous (Matt 9:37). The link below will lead you to my new giving page where you can learn more about the work that I will be doing.

For those wondering about my housing situation, God provided an opportunity to live with a woman from church for six months while I seek permanent housing. This solution is a great blessing and answer to prayer. It will allow my finances and work to stabilize while I continue to develop the ministry here. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. I look forward to sharing more soon.

Many blessings to you and yours,

Liz 🙂

7 thoughts on “Ministry Opportunities Abound

  1. Dyanne says:

    Dear Sister in Christ, This latest blog delights my heart on so many levels as God has faithfully answered all of my prayers on your behalf in short time. He asks that we step out in faith as He did with Peter in the boat, and He does provide for all of our needs. My heart leapt for you as you described the ESL meeting you attended. This was one of the greatest joys my husband and I shared as ESL teachers at Calvary Chapel Chester Springs. Although our students felt the time shared in our teaching was an immense gift to them, our blessings were so much greater than they would ever believe. Sharing the Word of God to those with diverse beliefs and showing the love of God through Christian example was an honor. May your time with them bear much fruit!

  2. Ginny Lingle says:

    Thanks for the update, Liz. So happy for your love for all nationalities. Wil continue to support you with prayer and finances.

  3. Faye Geiser says:

    Awesome! Sounds like you are surely where God wants you, as He has provided so 🤷much in such a short time.
    May the Lord bless and keep you 🙏.

  4. Pauline Cherry says:

    Good God Almighty we know your working in the field and being a blessing while blessing others you Liz are truly a servant of God !
    Fantastic ! Inspiring! I need to do something other than learn more Bible and pray!
    I wish I could be there with you but I need to do mission work here at home !
    May you continue to have a wonderful journey and lead many to the Kingdom !

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