Here For A Reason (Georgia Living, Part 2)

Ministry in Georgia has begun.  I have been seeking numerous ways to become involved in the Asian community.  My heart’s desire is to learn more about the trafficking within their community to see how it can be stopped.  Sunday, I attended a Korean church. I was blessed by their worship and hospitality and was invited to return.  This Sunday, I plan to attend a Japanese church. While other ethnic groups are represented near me, I may focus on these two populations for now.  I have been to both Korea and Japan, so it is an easy connecting point. 

I was able to make another vital connection this past week.  As I was looking for housing, I spoke with a lady at one of the local community service organizations.  In her attempt to help me with housing, she explained that I should stay away from a specific extended-stay motel because trafficking was prevalent there.  I explained to her what my mission was, and she was grateful.  I look forward to connecting with other professionals as well, such as the sheriff’s office and police station. The need is great, and I believe that God brought me here to help rescue those enslaved and introduce them to the Savior. 

So, while the housing may be uncertain, the need to be here is sure.  While I long to do this work full-time, I know that I need training first. My time working on private investigation cases will provide the experience and extra income that I need.  In the meantime, I will attempt to make the most of every opportunity. The harvest truly is plenteous!

2 thoughts on “Here For A Reason (Georgia Living, Part 2)

  1. Dyanne Delaney says:

    Thank you for the link to your blog. As I read through your reflections of the last several months since we first spoke, I am gladdened that God leads us gently in the direction of the path He hopes we will take. And I am grateful for the time and effort you expended on my behalf during such a stressful time in your life. My prayers continue on your behalf. I will reach out separately regarding financial support.

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