Search/Rescue & New Opportunities

Hi friends,

Called2Rescue is the non-profit I volunteered with. What a delight!

Last month, I began praying and seeking ways to be involved in ministering to victims of sex trafficking. Within just a few days, doors started opening. The most interesting opportunity was the chance to help look for a 15-year old girl who had run away from home and had been missing for 10 days. The girl was found and is in a safe place now. That was very rewarding.

Secondly, through my church in NJ, I was introduced to a young woman who has been a victim of sexual assault and offered to meet with her virtually for counseling. We had our first session two weeks ago. We will be working through material together to help her find hope and healing through Christ.

Additionally, this Monday, I began Liberty University’s online Master’s program in Trauma and Crisis Counseling. I am looking forward to learning more as I feel unequipped right now. The reality that we as believers in Jesus have is that The Counselor lives inside of us, the Holy Spirit, and He will lead and direct our hearts through His Word. I am thankful for the opportunity to better understand how God created us, how to better help others, and be better equipped for the future.

Lastly, I will personally be meeting with the Director of Harvest (a former pastor) to go through an area of my life where I need healing.  While it will surely be uncomfortable, I know that it is necessary to continue working on these vices each of us have.  I don’t know if we ever ‘arrive.’ It seems to be just one human trying to help another human thrive in this journey we call life. 

Enjoying some R&R and came across a banana tree

Thank you again for your continued support both through your prayers and your pockets (as Pastor Tone Bellamy would say, haha!). While I was fully supported financially for one year, September will mark the end of that year. For the following year, I only have 50% of the funds needed to sustain my ministry. Please pray with me that God will provide above and beyond what I could ask or imagine. He is Faithful and I know that He will provide every need that I have. I am trusting Him.

Stay in touch and be blessed,

Liz 🙂

12 thoughts on “Search/Rescue & New Opportunities

  1. Samuel Olando says:

    Praise the Lord Liz
    What a great testimony of what you doing and what is being done to you
    I rem many days in the past I prayed with you and we Trusted Our Father who will never disappoint
    May nothing bring down the flymission that you left everything for and my our Lord Jesus be glorified

    • Yes, Samuel…our times praying together got me through some very difficult times! Praise be to God! You have a great ministry and were used by God in my life for sure. Thank you for the comment about not letting anything stop the dream of FlyMissions…God will bring it to pass in His perfect time. Thank you Sam!

  2. Anita says:

    You are such a willing servant and a seeker of God. You are seeking him and finding Him. Yes,
    God is working on each one of us so we can become more like him.
    May the Lord give you the desires of your heart!
    You are a great example of asking God and believing he is going to meet your needs.


    So glad to hear of all your progress!
    I pray the Lord will continue to bless guide and have great favor on you and your ministry! Love you Liz your very encouraging!

  4. Rev. Frank Smith says:

    Liz, I met you at Keswick last summer and it’s nice to hear of the amazing way the Lord is working in your life. What’s most amazing is to see the humility and openness and transparency of heart. This is indeed a journey and those qualities will serve you well along the way. Hope you enjoyed the R&R lol

    Frank Smith

  5. Faye Geiser says:

    Liz, our God is Awesome and He continues to bless you with your hearts desires.
    I love hearing what He is doing in your life and how He is using you for His Kingdom.
    Keep your eyes on Him and He will direct you in the path He created you for. He will also give you your hearts desire, as He is the one who is giving you those desires.
    God bless you,
    I love you, Faye

    • I couldn’t agree more Faye. God keeps assuring me of those very sentiments, that He has given me these desires and if I stay faithful to Him, He will cause those desires to be fulfilled over time.
      We are blessed,
      Liz 🙂

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