Catch-22 (Georgia Living- Part 1)

In case you have not heard, let me tell you, the housing market is crazy. Around the area of Cumming, GA, there are very few housing options. Even the two boarding houses I called were full!

This past week, I found out that the job I was supposed to start on Monday would not allow me to begin until I secured a permanent address. On the other hand, I could not apply to a low-income apartment until I had proof of income in Georgia.  It was a Catch-22.

I had been searching for a one-bedroom apartment.  I would take a studio or a room for rent, but nothing presented itself.  I explored everything from to Craigslist (with extreme caution) and everything in-between.  As of yesterday, I only found one vacant one-bedroom apartment and it was $1,400 per month.  The cost was so much more than I wanted to pay, but I did not see any other options.  I decided to call them today. Within one day, it was leased out. The next best thing they had was going to be $1,538 per month. Wow! In addition, the receptionist just received word that the rental prices were going to increase by $100 by Monday.  Man! I felt like time was of the essence!  I continued to hunt, scratch, and claw, trusting that God would point me to the right place. 

I started exploring the areas south of Cumming, increasing my radius.  I knew that the Asian populations I have a heart for reside primarily in that region, but I had initially checked that area off my list because the rent was so expensive.  Well, now push had come to shove, and I needed something, so I tried again.

I found one! It was $1460 per month and included a fitness center, which was a nice bonus that I had been secretly praying for. I figured if the rent was going to be that much, I might as well ask God for a place to work out. 

I was nervous about applying since my income on paper looks very shaky.  I have a job that I cannot start yet, I have income with Harvest, which ends on October 11th, and verbal commitments to transfer funds to Global Service Network, but I will not receive the link to that giving portal until Monday.  I was also concerned because the application was $250.  But, I felt led to apply, so I hesitantly hit the “submit” button.  I prayed that, even if I was declined, I might have an opportunity to speak to someone and explain my situation.

Thirty minutes later, I received a phone call.  My application was, in fact, denied, but the receptionist wanted clarification regarding my income.  I nervously explained my situation, realizing full well that a secular person might not understand churches and individuals providing for my needs.  By the end of the conversation, I was fighting back the tears.  She and I worked together to figure out the best-case scenario and increased my income accordingly.  As of right now, the application is pending, and I should find out the results on Monday. I am thankful that God heard my prayer and allowed someone to listen to my situation. 

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