Diamond in the Rough

So, last week was really rough.   Work was extremely stressful to the point of feeling like I might have to find another job if the atmosphere continued to be that toxic.  Secondly,  my truck broke down twice and I spent most of the week trying to troubleshoot and get parts.  It was all fine but by the time Friday came, I was exhausted.

Despite the extremely trying week, I heard good news.  Let me give some background to this news first.  About 2 months ago, God began to open doors for me to possibly fly for the FBI to rescue girls out of trafficking.  I was, (and still am), EXTREMELY excited about the possibility!  Soon after things quickly progressed, they suddenly stopped.  I sensed the Lord telling me to be patient.  This was His dream before it was mine.  So, I waited.

Last week, a door slowly opened.  The flight school I last trained at has connections with the FBI.  The owner of the flight school’s nephew is the Director of Maintenance for the FBI here in NJ! The owner told me to send him my resume and he would get it to his nephew as he sees him twice a week.  WOW!!!  This just might be the first step to getting through that FBI door.  We will see!

This week I began working later so that I could potentially fly in the mornings.  Right now, I am studying for my written test (again) and can take it as soon as I am ready.

Well, interesting things just keep on developing.  It is fun to be on this side watching God work all these details out.  It has been a long time coming and over the last year, I have had an significant amount of peace to just place God’s dream for me in His hands and rest.

I hope this finds you all doing well and I truly hope that you all have a very blessed Christmas!

Thank you for your care and for reading,

Liz 🙂


Remember Nhu

Remember Nhu is “a nonprofit committed to ending child sex slavery through prevention.”  I was blessed to be invited to a banquet held at the Westin in Princeton on Friday night.  It was such a blessed event.

I was seated near a pastor and his wife who were missionaries in Thailand for over 10 years.  There church currently take trips to Thailand to work with Remember Nhu, at least once per year, and welcomed me to join them on their next trip.  I told them that it has been on my heart to go to Cambodia to visit Agape International Missions, whom I would like to fly for one day.  They knew of the organization and agreed with the idea of me visiting both organizations during one trip. I am not sure what the Lord will do with this idea but it has been a hope of mine to use my 2 weeks of paid vacation this coming summer to be involved in the fight against trafficking.  We’ll see what the Lord has planned.

I also met a lady who is on staff with Remember Nhu and lives about 35-40 mins from me.  We spoke about getting together sometime and I am really looking forward to that!
I sense a real unity with this ministry, as I do with AIM, and am excited to see how God uses these connections.  The night was a huge blessing to me!
Liz 🙂

Military, Walk and Fundraiser Blessings

Hi friends,

These past few months, I was blessed to be part of an organizing committee for a 2-mile walk to bring awareness of human trafficking to the community.  As life would have it, the Tuesday before the walk, my truck would not start.  I was without a vehicle until Friday — pay day.  Fortunately, Kim, another member of the organizing committee, had offered for me to spend the night at her house and we could then carpool the 35 minute drive to Mt Holly Baptist Church where the walk would be held.  She even offered to pick me up which was a blessing because I didn’t have to worry about a ride there if the mechanic wouldn’t be able to fix my truck in one day.1014171449

I was told about a month ago that I would need new spark plugs but had been putting it off after I heard it would be $300 to replace them.  When I went to pick up my truck, the mechanic showed me the bill of $64!  I was pleasantly surprised followed with an “Oh no, did they not change the spark plugs?”  The mechanic then told me that the spark plugs were fine and they just had to reprogram a fuel lockout system.  Well, I was glad and I went on my way.

That night I went to Kims house and before I laid my head on the pillow, I decided to check my email.  A few days prior I had started a fundraiser to finish my private pilot license feeling prompted that it was time.  That night, I received a donation of $1000!  I was SO BLESSED and felt confirmation from the Lord that it was indeed time to finish this long awaited goal.

The walk that morning 348b69a3was wonderful!  97 people were in attendance and the crowd of people walking, all in black with most having their mouths covered to symbolize our being a voice for those being held in silence, was gripping.  It brought tears to my eyes as I listened to a podcast of 3 victims whose lives have been restored through the ministry of A21.  It was good to be reminded of the faces behind my call–the reason to persevere.

img953606 While I was at the walk greeting incoming walkers, I was sharing my $1000 blessing with another greeter.  We continued to talk and before she left that day, she asked how she could donate to my training.  I was so surprised and thankful.  When others give, it is an extremely humbling experience.  It is amazing that God would use me and prompt others to be a part of what He has called me to do.  I don’t deserve His grace but boy, am I thankful! After the walk, Kim and I went to a diner for lunch and then proceeded back to her house.  I went to leave and…you guessed it, my truck wouldn’t start.  Sovereignly, about a month before my mechanic told me about needing new spark plugs, I had purchased some due to a recommendation from a co-worker. So, I thought, I have them, why don’t I replace them and see if my truck will start.  Luckily, Kim’s husband had all the tools that I needed and 2 hrs later “viola”!  My truck started!  The Lord was with me the whole time and everything went so smoothly.  It was such a special blessing for me.

Wednesday, I took the day off to receive my medical evaluation from the military.  I had to be there at 5am.  It wasn’t the most pleasant experience but it is over.  I could certainly use your prayers as I enter this process of re-enlisting.  There are some significant moral/spiritual hurdles that I am seeking Gods strength to overcome.  This road is hard for me but I know God is working out something beautiful in my life.  I have one more step to accomplish with the military and then I will be able to swear in.  My guess is that it will be another month before I am actually enlisted.

Well, I don’t want to keep you any longer.  Thank you for reading.  It  really does mean a lot.  You are very welcome to leave a little comment below 🙂 Have a blessed weekend and it would be great to see each of you!

Liz 🙂

p.s. I forgot to mention you can go to this link to donate to my training. Feel free to share this link on facebook or any other platform.  Thanks friends!  http://www.faithlauncher.com/projects/3223-flymissions-private-pilot.

When God Moves

I am excited! I am humbled.  I am grateful.

God is definitely revealing pieces of His plan as it unfolds before me. What started as a calling to be a missionary pilot has developed into forming a ministry that will organize pilots’ efforts to transport victims of sex trafficking to safety where they will be introduced with the Hope and complete healing that can only come from knowing Jesus Christ.  Yes, I will be a missionary pilot but God had a much bigger plan.  I am filled with an inexpressible peace and joy.

I was just looking through some old emails trying to narrow down when exactly God began stirring my heart regarding the ministry of fighting sex trafficking.  I found my first reference to it on July 12, 2012.  4 months later I would fly solo in an airplane for the first time.

This past Tuesday, July 24th would become another special day.  Up until this time, I had not heard of any organization or even another pilot who had the desire to donate their time flying for the cause of rescuing sex trafficking victims.  God is AMAZING.

Josue (Josh) Diaz.  I met him in 2013 while we were both studying at Mercer County Community College, about 20 minutes from where I live now.  We both attended InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  He was in the aviation program and I had shared that I was training to be a missionary pilot.  Soon after our meeting I had left school to live with my sister in Kentucky and we lost touch.

July 10, 2017 Josh miraculously begins working in the tiny hangar at the flight school with me.  If you don’t think God is up to something BIG, you are in denial.  Two weeks later, Josh tells me that his heart is to volunteer his time, apart from his aspiration to become a professional pilot, to help transport victims of sex trafficking to safety!!! I was overcome with a quiet peace and joy.  As I sit here, tears well up within me.  A sacred vision is coming together before my eyes.  I have been told that I should have been writing a book all these years and I agree.  I may even start now.  The formation of this ministry is going to be so exciting.  I can just sense it! I would like to bring glory to God in every step of the way.  It will be a tribute to His faithfulness and loving care for each of His children.  He cares deeply and will use all of us if we will be open to His leading in our life.

Please keep me in your prayers as I strive with all that I am to form a ministry that is pleasing to the Lord.  It is more than I can do on my own and I will rely on the Holy Spirit and the prayers and counsel of His disciples to guide me.  Come along for the ride!!! Stay in touch and send some encouragement along the way. The Fight of Faith is not for the faint of heart–that I know, and so do you, I am sure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you are reading this, you have likely prayed and are just as vital to this groundbreaking as I am.  Thank you.

In His great love,

Liz 🙂



VOM Conference

What a blessing beyond words.

In my freshman year of Bible College, I sat in a chapel meeting and heard an update from a gentleman representing New Tribes Mission. He told us about two missionaries to the Philippines, Martin and Gracia Burnham.  They had been captured by Muslim extremists and after over a year of being taken captive, Martin was killed in a firefight.  He was a missionary pilot.  I sat in the pew that day and thought to myself, unaware fully what a missionary pilot was, that I wanted to be the one to take his place.  The phrase “stand in the gap” had been frequently used in Christian circles at the time, I think it was made popular by the Promise Keepers movement.  That is what I wanted to do, “stand in the gap” for one of God’s own who had ‘arisen’  in the line of duty.  That was 15 years ago.

About three weeks ago, I received an envelope in the mail from the Voices of the Martyrs.  To be honest, I thought it was another plea for funds.  I was going to throw it away without opening it, but thankfully I did not.  I opened it and saw that it was an advertisement for a conference that would be in the area.  I saw Gracia Burnham’s name on the flyer and joy instantly came over me.  I knew the name but could not honestly remember all the details of her story.  I read her short bio and it said “For 17 years, Gracia Burnham and her husband, Martin, served with New Tribes Mission in the Phillipines, where Martin was a jungle pilot.”  I was in awe!  It was all coming back to me! A missionary pilot!?! Wow! Even back then, the Lord was using their story to prepare me for what He had in my future.  I could hardly believe it.

Well, today came.  I knew God was at work and that God was going to do something special.  I only knew that I wanted to meet Gracia and tell her how her and Martins story inspired me as a freshman in college preparing to be a missionary.  What I didn’t expect was to be so gripped by tears most of the time she spoke.  I felt such a connection, like I have known her and her husband yet, we had never met.  I sense often that the Lord has something large in store for me.  Will I face persecution?  Will this ministry impact hundreds or even more?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that we serve an awesome God who is bigger than life itself and He can use whatever means he desires to make His fame known throughout this world.  He desires that all come to Him and that no one perish.

Four notable things happened today.  1) I was able to speak with Gracia for about 10 minutes.  I was also truly moved by her time of sharing.  2) I met Congressman, Chris Smith.  I had been told two times over the summer that I needed to reach out and meet Congressman Smith because he has been combating trafficking in NJ.  In God’s providence, he was at the conference today.  I stood in line for quite some time and was able to share with he and his secretary of my burden and calling.  He said twice that they could “really use my services.”  I can almost cry writing this.  I can sense that God is about to open the floodgates but after such a long journey, I can only take one step at a time and be held by Him.  He has to carry me the rest of the way.  I certainly cannot do it on my own.  This calling is too big for me. BUT,  with GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE.  3) I saw a new friend of mine at the conference and at the end of the day he told me that he wanted to sponsor one hour of flight training for me.  I was humbly blessed.  At this time, I am not receiving donations directly but he is going to hold the funds until I can receive them.  4) I was blessed to see and share my lunch break with a friend who has a real heart for the Lord and has served in women’s prison ministry for many years.  We have had similar spiritual battles so it was nice to be encouraged by her testimony today.

As I sign off, let me encourage each of you today that God is at work.  He is at work all across the globe and in the hearts of everyone.  Never give up hope for those you love.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  Rather, He pursues us and His Word never returns empty.  It has a purpose in our lives.  It is active and alive.  Stay strong in the strength that He alone provides.

In His love,


Womens Retreat and Flight Life

I was blessed during my time at the womens retreat last weekend.  It was nice to spend some time with a friend from my church in Trenton as well as one of her friends from the retreat last year.  As a group, we studied the book of Jonah…God’s relentless pursuit, not just of Jonah’s heart but His people in general.  It was an encouragement.

It was nice to be at Keswick again. I was reminded of the blessed times there this summer and saw some friends as well.  I wish there was a way to re-live that summer but God would definitely have to have His hand in that for it to work it out.  Honestly, something tells me…God is up to something.  We will have to see what He has planned. 🙂

Currently, I am trying to balance working full-time and studying for my written test a few hours after work each day.  I am hoping to take my written test by April 21st.

I am trying to take just one step at a time.  I know God has a plan in how He is going to work out my flight training but He hasn’t revealed that to me yet.  He will when He wants me to move forward.  Over the last 2 weeks, God has provided $390 toward my flight training to add to the $650 in the flight account already so that is a true blessing. Besides that, God has provided $719 in miscellaneous gifts, such as the tires I mentioned last post, gas money and funds toward updating my website! What a blessing!!!

Thank you as always for your prayers,


Liz 🙂