Borrowed Blessings

I have found my way back to Keswick again ūüôā¬† It is a great place to remember that it is only by God’s grace that we have made it as far as we have and only because of His mercy¬†that we are¬†given the honor of¬†serving Him.

I am working part-time as a lifeguard as I continue to make connections and raise support to serve with Harvest Aviation. God has blessed my schedule and beginning Aug 10th, I will be sharing 6 times in various locations.  If you would like to come hear one of my presentations in your area, please see my schedule below.  You can email me directly for further information on times.


Sun, Aug 10th and 11th- Edinburg Road Chapel, Mercerville, NJ

Friday, Aug 16th- America’s Keswick, Whiting, NJ

Sun, Aug 18th- Calvary Community Church, West Keansburg, NJ

Sun, Aug 25th- Calvary Chapel Living Waters, Toms River, NJ

Sun, Sep 1st- Montco Bible Fellowship, Lansdale, PA

Sun, Sep 8th- Transformation Church (Send-off), Trenton, NJ

borrowed-blessingsGod has blessed me with some temporary¬†items.¬† For the month of June,¬†some dear friends opened their home to me and another couple loaned me their car. That was a huge blessing! I was able to meet with many people and prepare for the summer ahead.¬† When I made the transition to Keswick for the summer, I did not have a place to stay and was seeking God’s provision.¬† A couple I was introduced to while at Keswick had a camper that they weren’t going to use for most of the summer so they are allowing me to stay in their camper until my work ends here, just after Labor Day.¬† I love the outdoors so I am really in my element.¬† God has been so generous through the gifts of His people and¬† I am so grateful.¬† I have also been able to make some new friends here so that has been a rich blessing as well.

Thank you all for your continued support!  It would be AWESOME to see you at one of the upcoming events!

I am currently at 46% of my proposed budget for one year.  If you would like to contribute toward this need, you can do so here.

God bless you all!

Liz ūüôā



S.O.A.P. Outreach and $10,000!!!

Hi friends,

I am so excited to share this news I just received!

On Saturday, I participated in a rescue project in Bridgewater, NJ, with two of my close friends. We joined 195 volunteers in distributing bars of soap and posters of missing children to hotels in the surrounding area, while others did the same in other parts of the state. The soaps we delivered to the hotels had the national human trafficking hotline number on the wrapper. The hope is that victims being held against their will would see the number and contact the hotline to receive help. These soaps have helped rescue victims of human trafficking in the past, and our prayer was that the Lord would help many more through our effort on Saturday. I was so blessed to be a part of this rescue project!

I was overjoyed when I received the following news from CAN, the non-profit we served with…

Thanks to all those who participated, planned, prayed, and partnered to make history together! We invite you to continue as TOGETHER we build an army of everyday abolitionists and put best practice services in reach of EVERY survivor!

The reports are all being tallied. So far we know…

566 registered

4 kids were identified from our missing children’s poster by hotel staff while volunteers were there (1 in South Jersey & 3 in Central Jersey)

2 suspicious situations of minors being pictured posing provocatively by adults in hotels while volunteers  were passing by required on-the-spot reporting (1 in South & 1 in North)

Nearly 100% of staff received part or all of the supplies.

The Sand Paper & News12 covered the event. Here is one link:



#TogetherWeCAN #EndSlavery


I was so blessed to hear this news and to be a part of this huge endeavor to end trafficking!  This work is so satisfying to my soul as I act in the purpose God has created me for.

In other AWESOME news…!!!

After four days of being discouraged by the enemy, God showed Himself all-powerful and victorious when the breakthrough came.  I was handed a $10,000 check toward the work God has called me to!! I feel so humbled that God has entrusted me to this work.  I am currently at 44% and am praying the Lord will continue to open doors for me to receive 100% funding in a timely manner.  Please pray with me as I seek opportunities to share this exciting mission and that I would receive the funding I need to serve full-time with Harvest Aviation in September.

Here is the direct link to my donation page if you would like to contribute to this need. Thank you in advance!

Rejoicing in the LORD,

Yours in service,

Liz ūüôā


Amazingly Exhausting!!

Hi friends,

It has been a nice blend of busyness and relaxation.

This is the busyness. The last three weeks have been filled with 12 personal meetings as well as the opportunity to share with 2 groups about what the Lord is doing in my life and the ministry with Harvest Aviation that I will be involved in.  It has been amazingly exhausting, haha! I am blessed to have this time and so many close friends who have come along side me and supported me in various ways over the last 12 years.  Thank you to all that have taken time out of their schedules to visit with me.

Now for the relaxation. Memorial Day Weekend is a very special time of the year for me.¬† The last 4 years I have spent the long weekend at America’s Keswick.¬† They always do an incredible job at honoring those who have served in the armed forces and pay a special tribute to those who have lost loved ones in the fight for freedom. Keswick is a Christian retreat center dedicated to the ministry of addiction recovery through the life changing power and truth of the Gospel.¬† This one weekend of the year, missionary pilots from JAARS bring a helicopter in and give rides. It is a blessing not only to the guests of Keswick but it is a great outreach into the community.¬† Keswick has been a great place for me to refresh, seek the Lord and reunite with many friends.

And back to the busy. The last 4 days have involved a lot of moving.  I was helping others move and moving myself.  I am now staying with friends about 20 minutes east of where I was.  Staying with this couple is such a blessing.  Two years ago when I met this couple the wife mentioned repeatedly that if I ever needed a place to stay that I could stay in their home.  You just never know! All I can say is that if you make me that kind of offer, be prepared as it may just happen! Haha! God is so good.

Good news! My website has been updated and has all the latest information. By going to you can learn more about Harvest Aviation, sign up for updates and make donations.  I am very excited to have these updates completed.  I even have a fundraising meter so you can you monitor (and pray) as people partner with me.  Please take a few minutes to check it out!

Last but not least, I wonder if any of you know someone that might like to hear more about what I am doing and might like to donate financially to the cause.¬† I am also looking for opportunities to speak whether it be in churches or small groups.¬† I especially love sharing with women’s groups so if you know of any opportunities to share and could make that connection for me, it would mean so much!

Thank you all! This journey is very humbling.  I am learning more and more about myself, my strengths as well as areas that need improvement.  I pray, as I seek Him, that I will grow to look more like Jesus every day.  Thank you all for your continued support in friendship.  I am blessed.


Liz ūüôā

My New Brother and Getting to Know Harvest

On Wednesday, March 27th, our family officially and permanently welcomed Jonathan Bradly Thews Perreault into our home.  Jonny is turned 5 on April 13th and has become my new brother.  We are blessed to have him in our family.


After visiting my family in Wisconsin for Jonny’s adoption, I flew to Florida where I would have the opportunity to attend a week-long airshow and represent Harvest Aviation, the new missionary group I joined.¬† It was a great time! Harvest had a table there in a tent specifically designated for Missionary Aviation.¬† There were about 10 other missionary groups represented.¬† It was a great time to meet other missionary pilots and be encouraged in the work we are doing.¬† The highlight for me was getting to spend time with several of the key players at Harvest and get to know them better.

The Big Gathering. Missionary Pilots and their host families receive the opportunity to meet, worship together and share a meal provided by AMSA, a missionary aviation support ministry. All meals, lodging and local transportation was provided through members of area churches who have partnered with AMSA. Such a blessing!!!

The Big Gathering. Missionary Pilots and their host families receive the opportunity to meet, worship together and share a meal provided by AMSA, a missionary aviation support ministry. All meals, lodging and local transportation was provided through members of area churches who have partnered with AMSA. Such a blessing!!!

After my time at the airshow I spent a couple of weeks down at Harvest working on an airplane project that they have been making an effort to complete for some time now.  The airplane was donated to Harvest and had not been flown for five years so it has needed some extensive repairs.  My goal in working with Harvest during this short time was to get the newly overhauled engines run so the new oil would circulate and also to make sure there were no other obvious concerns to be addressed.  By the time I left, that goal was met and the engines were running well! Praise the Lord!


The day after we ran the engines, a group of 4 of us boarded a flight with 900 lbs of cargo and headed for Belize in Central America.  It was such a blessing to be able to see the work there.  It was a very quick trip.  We spent only one night there and came back the next day.  It was just enough time to deliver the cargo to the missionaries, rest a bit and prepare for the flight home.  The best part of this trip was again, spending time with Harvest members but also the realization that flying this international flight did not seem too far out of my reach but rather, it was exciting to see how far God has brought me.  I feel equipped to take on this new adventure and I am thrilled that, while I will be furthering my training, I will also be actively caring for the missionaries in Belize by delivering much needed supplies and encouragement.  It is a win-win for me and I feel so very blessed to be a part of this ministry with Harvest.

0417191138 0418191636a

Before leaving to come back to NJ, I had the awesome privilege of spending time with some long-time supporters in North Carolina.  It was so great to spend time with them.  An added blessing of my time in NC was the opportunity to spend time with Jason, Liani and their two children.  Jason is currently a pastor there but is also on deputation, raising funds to come to Harvest.  They live about 10 minutes from my supporters!  It was great to talk about the ministry at Harvest and receive mutual support and encouragement.  We look forward to serving together in the coming months.

Well, I guess I will close it out here.  Thank you all for taking time to read these updates.  It means so very much to me.  I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to ask any questions you have or just say hello!  If anyone in the NJ/PA area would like to get together to learn more about the work I will be doing and how you can be involved financially or in fervent prayer, please let me know! I would be honored to spend time sharing in greater detail all that I will be involved with and the future goals God has placed on my heart.

You may also donate one-time gifts or become a monthly sponsor here:

Harvest Aviation is a 501(c)3 so all donations will be tax deductible.

Thank you all for your love and support.

With a grateful heart,

Liz ūüôā

New Missionary with Harvest Aviation

Hey there!

It has been an eventful four months since I last wrote.  I was able to attain my mechanic certification back in January so that was a huge praise!

I had been struggling at my workplace for a long time but did not feel freedom from the Lord to leave.  Within the last few weeks, I was under extreme amounts of stress at my job and sought counsel from many godly people.  With their encouragement and support, I ended up resigning.  The following Saturday, I was seeking the Lord about what the next step might be.  Having my mechanic certification opens many doors for me.  I reached out to 3 different missionary aviation groups and inquired about mechanic opportunities.  All 3 organizations replied with interest.  The first organization to respond was Harvest Aviation in Wauchula, Florida.  The president of Harvest called me back that same afternoon and we spoke for about 40 minutes.  We decided that I would try to visit while I am currently unemployed.

I left for Tampa three weeks ago and was able to spend some precious time with my cousin Mandy who just recently moved to Florida with her husband.  She then brought me part of the way to Wauchula where a member of Harvest would pick me up.  I spent 6 days visiting the mission organization.  I cannot even begin to tell you how God showed Himself so clearly each day I was there.  It was incredible!

I will just share a few highlights.

First of all, let me explain what Harvest does.¬† There are three core ministries of the organization: Air Support, Missionary Care and NextGen Training.¬† Currently Harvest serves missionaries and churches in Belize and Honduras by transporting cargo and supplies once a month.¬† That would be the Air Support ministry.¬† The Missionary Care ministry supports the¬†physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the missionaries and pastors who are serving God on the mission field. Lastly, NextGen training is aimed at training those who have the call of God on their lives to serve the Lord using aviation as either pilots or mechanics.¬† I will be able to¬†participate in¬†each of those ministries and I couldn’t be happier!

Harvest Aviation currently owns 2 aircraft and has access to one larger aircraft which they currently use for the flights to Central America.  I have been told within a year and a half that I could be piloting the flights to Central America! I am overjoyed at that possibility!

Piper Chieftain: Cruise Speed 242 MPH

Piper Chieftain:
Cruise Speed 242 MPH

Another aspect of Harvest that I am excited to participate in is the actual trips to Belize and Honduras.  The Missionary Care program focuses on the needs of the missionaries and those serving in full time ministry overseas.  I have been given the opportunity to come alongside our Executive Director to help train and mentor the women in Belize and Honduras.

Lastly, there is another ministry in town whose goal is to restore families through breaking the chains of addiction in the lives of women.  I had the opportunity to meet with the founder of this organization and we are seeking the Lord about forming a partnership where I could volunteer with her program in exchange for housing assistance.  I am equally excited about mentoring women and using the Word of God to bring healing.

There is a lot going on.  There are many open doors and an excitement about what the Lord is doing!  I am planning to send out more frequent updates as I make this transition.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update.¬† I am very excited for the next steps.¬† Please pray that I would trust the Lord’s ever-faithful hand as He guides me through the next few months.¬† You all are such a blessing to me!¬† Stay strong in the Lord!


Liz ūüôā



WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

This plane was a VBS prop one year. It given to me and has traveled with me to UT, KY, TN and now back to NJ.

This plane was a VBS prop one year. It given to me and has traveled with me to UT, KY, TN and now back to NJ.

The day we have been waiting for….

On Friday evening, I was presented my private pilot certification after successfully completing both the oral and flight exams.¬† Let me take you on the day‚Äôs journey…

I had originally scheduled the exam for Thursday.¬† I had planned a mock checkride for the previous day with an instructor to insure that I was, in fact, ready for the test.¬† That day, the winds were strong, gusting to 28 knots (32mph).¬† It was fun, but I was fatigued and didn’t perform very well.¬† After that flight, I sat down with my instructor and the instructor that gave the mock test.¬†¬†We debriefed and discussed whether or not I should proceed with the actual checkride (flight exams) the next day.¬† The fact that we were even having this discussion left me deflated. I had thought I was ready.

Looking at the weather for Thursday, I noticed that the winds would be strong Рnot as strong as Wednesday, but strong enough where I might not want to fly.  So after that, and with the realization that I was exhausted, I decided to cancel the checkride.  The examiner asked if I would like to try for Friday.  At that point, I felt deflated, exhausted and  not sure what to do.  I told him I would like to just hold off.

Thursday came.  I went to work as usual.  I slept well the night before.  My mind was constantly on the checkride.  Should I take it Friday? At this point, even if I felt ready there were no planes available.  I looked at the weather for Friday; the winds were calm and only up to 6 knots which was nearly perfect.  I just kept thinking.  I was torn.  I looked at the schedule. There were glimmers of hope.

On Wednesday, another student, who is a friend of mine, had mentioned that if I needed to cancel her flight so I could use the the plane she had reserved, she would do that for me.  When I got home from work that night at 6:30, I ended up texting the examiner.  I figured, let me just see if he would still be available.  He was.  Long story short, everything came together, and it was set.

Because the airplane was only available in the afternoon, we decided that I could drive to the airport where the examiner was located in the morning and take the oral exam there.  I would then drive back to Trenton, where the airplane was based, and fly back to the examiner and continue the flight portion of the exam.  Needless to say, it was a long day, but I felt 100% okay with that.  I was happy to be doing it.  I felt good.  I had a calmness and peace I did not have before.

The oral exam lasted 2.5 hours.¬† I did fairly well – well enough to pass!¬† He extended his arm to shake my hand and congratulated me on passing the oral exam.¬† At that point, I was so happy.¬† I knew whatever happened from this point it was a victory for me.¬† I had gotten further than I had been before.¬† I knew that if the flight portion didn’t go well that all I would have to do over would be the portions that were not satisfactory. My license was within reach.¬† I just had to take one step at a time and trust that God would see me through if it was His will.

I drove back to Trenton.¬† As I was driving the song from Hillsong came on,¬†Not Today.¬† It is a song of victory!¬†¬†“Let the devil know, not today.”¬†My mind went to the thought, “what if I actually get my license today?” My eyes started to water.¬† I instantly thought, “no, I can’t go there.¬† I need to take it one step at a time.¬† Whatever God gives me, I will rejoice in that.”¬† I arrived back in Trenton after stopping home briefly to eat.¬† I did a preflight inspection and filled the fuel and oil. I had noticed a couple of minor maintenance items that needed to be addressed, so I got those taken care of and was on my way.

The plane I flew just before I did my preflight inspection.

The plane I flew just before I did my preflight inspection.

I flew back to the¬†examiner.¬† We talked for a bit on the ground and then proceeded to the airplane for the flight portion of the exam.¬† Throughout the flight, I noticed things that weren’t perfect.¬† Some things I was just forgetting to do; others I just wasn’t doing that well.¬† But, I was happy with my decision-making and command of the airplane.¬† God was allowing me to stay within the required headings and altitude for the most part, which is something I had struggled with a few days prior.

After being tested on flight maneuvers and procedures for at least an hour, we proceeded to make our way back to the airport. I did a couple of takeoffs and landings and then taxied into a parking spot and turned the engine off.¬† We both took our headsets off, and he asked, “So, how do you think you did?” I knew I wasn’t flawless, but I didn’t want to throw myself under the bus.¬† What if he thought I did well?¬† So, I said, “Well, it could have been better.” He responded, “Ah, don’t be so hard on yourself.” He extended his hand for a shake.¬† “You are the world’s newest private pilot.”¬† I was shocked and overwhelmed with joy! “I will meet you inside,” he said. It was an¬†incredible moment! I could hardly believe it.¬† The moment I had been waiting so long for had just happened! Wow!!!

The examiner and I after I became a private pilot!

We sat at the table debriefing for a little while.¬† We then began chatting and found out that we were both born-again Christians.¬† It was really encouraging.¬† He said, “you know this isn’t a coincidence.”¬† I assured him that I agreed.¬† He offered to take me to get a slice of pizza since my ride wouldn’t be able to come until 9pm.¬† It was such a great day! My ride came around 9, and we got back to Trenton around 9:30.¬† It was a long day, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I cannot thank everyone for all the love, prayers, and support over all of these years! It has been a long journey, but not once did anyone say that I couldn’t do it.¬† People have given donations, said prayers faithfully, and provided encouraging words to help me persevere.¬† I wouldn’t have wanted to do this without each of you and am very excited to see what the Lord has in store.

The most frequently asked question is, “So, what’s next?”

I am working simultaneously on applying to the FBI and working toward my mechanic certification.  I am also taking the necessary steps to officially becoming a non-profit.  There is a lot on my plate, but it all seems to be going smoothly.

Thank you again for everything! I am happy to share this moment with you.

On cloud nine,


No Not Today Music Video