Bugs, Baffling and Bahama Relief

Hi friends,

It is such a pleasure to be here in Florida serving with Harvest.  I have uploaded quite a few pictures this month to help you get a glimpse of my new surroundings and the work we are doing at Harvest.

Here is the house where I am staying with another Harvest member, Jennifer.  I really like it.  I have had to fight off many bugs due to a bad seal on my air conditioning unit but that has been resolved so I am thankful. I have not seen too many “Palmetto bugs” (a.k.a. roaches) and for that I am extremely grateful!  Bug Story

Humble abode

Humble abode: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and 2 large unfinished Florida rooms (a.k.a. sun rooms)

Home Sweet Home


Some occasional visitors: Sandhill Cranes

Some of the Harvest crew that helped me haul and unload furniture that was given to me

My new wheels- a gift from a co-worker at Harvest. It is such a blessing!!

Maintenance Work

removed the exhaust from the old engine to access the inner baffling of the engine to use on the new engine

Salvaging parts for the new engine.  I removed the exhaust from the old engine to access the inner baffling to be used with the new engine.

The new engine has arrived

The new engine has arrived

The new engine mounted

The new engine mounted..lots of wiring to do

Baffling repairs took me over 2 weeks to complete but saved Harvest $2000

Baffling repairs like this one took me over 2 weeks to complete but saved Harvest $2000.

Bahama Relief Efforts

Pallets of goods for the Bahama relief efforts

Pallets of goods to bring to the Bahamas

Faith Riders

A volunteer group, the Faith Riders, came to help Harvest wash and wax our aircraft.

Faith Riders unloading cargo they brought for the Fire Dept in the Bahamas who don't have beds to sleep on

Faith Riders unloading boxes of air mattresses they brought for the Fire Dept in the Bahamas who don’t have beds to sleep on.

Faith Riders came down to Wauchula to wash and wax the Chieftain. Not only does it look good but it actually saves fuel cost because the plane flies faster. Having them was a blessing!

Not only does the Chieftain look good but waxing the aircraft actually saves fuel cost because the plane flies faster. Having them was a blessing!

Some Nature Pics


So peaceful- not so much traffic here…well, yet.  I heard that when the Snowbirds come it gets a little crazy! (Snowbirds: people from the north that migrate south for the winter).


Not many palm trees where I live.


Spanish Moss decorates many trees including this one in our front yard.


Just captured this one yesterday. I am not sure what it is but he sat like this for quite some time, drying his feathers maybe.

A HUGE praise and continued prayer request:  The Executive Director of Harvest, Eric, was in a horrible car accident which left his car totaled.  He broke his collarbone and L2 vertebrae.  His recovery time is estimated to be 6-8 weeks.  Harvest has planned a week-long trip over Thanksgiving to Belize where he was going to lead a teaching ministry to assist with the discipleship of local pastors there.  We are still praying that he would be able to accompany us on the trip as this ministry is close to his heart.

There is much to do at Harvest.  As soon as the new engine installation is complete we are looking forward to delivering supplies to the Bahamas.  There are many humanitarian efforts assisting in the relief work there.  We were told that the government there is frustrated with the churches in the area because while the government is trying to limit the help and resources for their own gain, the churches know exactly who to help and where the supplies are needed most. God is providing for His people despite the seemingly corrupt government there.

Thank you all for your continued prayers on behalf of the ministry here.  On a personal note, I am currently at 83% funding for the year which leaves me under budget each month by $507.75.  In addition, I have incurred some start-up and medical costs which still have yet to be met.  You can click here to get a breakdown of those costs. If there would be a way you could help, would you please consider helping with one of these costs or a monthly donation?  Every little bit helps!

Donations can be made online at continuetogive.com/lizperr or you can email me at lizperr@gmail.com to receive additional information on how to send a check.  If you cannot give at this time, will you pray that these financial needs will be met in a timely manner.  Thank you.

When I first arrived at Harvest, and since last Friday if I am going to be honest, I have felt a lot of pressure.  The laborers surely are few. Would you pray that the Lord will bring more mechanics to Harvest?  Without mechanics, the work can not happen.  In addition to that, it seemed wherever I looked, whether at work or at home there was much to do.  I think not having my belongings here with me has also added a level of stress.  This week I have been able to breathe and am hoping to get away this weekend to relax for a little bit.  I leave in a few weeks to go back to New Jersey briefly to transport my items to Florida.  I am looking forward to that.

Well, that just about sums it up.  Thank you again for taking the time to read this.  Don’t be afraid to leave a comment.  It is an encouragement to know that people are reading…and praying!

God bless you all!

Liz 🙂


Costs Still Needed

DMV Costs (Vehicle registration, transfer of drivers license and title) $400

Additional blood work $340.80

Dental Deep Cleaning ($500 per quadrant) $2000

Home water treatment (initial cost $135 plus $60 per month)

Dryer and dishwasher (hoping to get both free in time)

Mold Remediation and renovation of two rooms in home (unsure of price)




Bug Story

I have never seen so many bugs of all different shapes and sizes. I often feel like they are crawling on me…sometimes they are and sometimes it is just my imagination.  I was driving just the other day (this actually happened twice) and I felt something on my leg, I swatted it and it felt big.  I literally said out loud. “I don’t like bugs!”  Haha.  A few seconds later this creature jumped on my other leg and when I swatted at it, and freaked out, I noticed it was wet.  I looked down and it was a frog! Ugh, cute but they are everywhere and while I had heard that you have to keep your windows closed to keep the lizards out I hadn’t heard about the frogs! Well, now I know.

Welcome to Florida!

Hi friends,

I made it! God has been faithful and allowed me to raise 80% of my support for one year by the time I left for Florida!  It has been a whirlwind and I am so grateful to be here.   My co-workers are definitely a highlight.  Everyone has been so helpful and kind as I make this transition.  They are as excited to have me here as I am to be here.  I was telling my roommate that for the first time in my life I feel like I can settle in and call this home.  It is a nice feeling.

While I am very happy to be here, I am feeling overwhelmed.  Harvest has more projects than laborers.  We could use more mechanics, to be sure.  I sense that there will not be a shortage of work for many months to come.  An older gentleman that volunteers for Harvest has encouraged me several times to not stress out and to just do what I can each day.  I am thankful for the wisdom of godly people.  Between repairs at home, not having all my items from storage and the workload at Harvest, I am feeling overrun but hopefully I can take this friends advice and rest in the Lord.

There are some praise points I would like to mention.  My mom and little brother had a 22-hour layover in Florida and were able to come visit me and see Harvest.  It was very nice to show them around and introduce them to Harvest.  Also, God blessed me with some free furniture and some wonderful friends who went out of their way to help deliver it from over an hour away.  One of these same friends has given me their vehicle to use while they pay for another one of their vehicles to be fixed up so I can have that one.  Such a blessing!

I will try to send out another blog update soon.  I would like to give a report on the disaster relief efforts as organizations in Florida partner together to help meet the needs of those devastated by Hurricane Dorian.  We are also planning another trip to both Belize and Honduras in October so there is a lot going on.

Thank you for your partnership in encouragement and support.  It means so very much!

We are blessed in Him,

Liz 🙂



Blessed Beyond Measure

Hi family,

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. It has been a busy summer.  So much is going on and I am excited to share it with you. I have been blessed to be at America’s Keswick lifeguarding this summer.  I have been able to meet some new friends and reconnect with others.

God has blessed in some amazing ways.  A definite highlight of this month was the opportunity to share in the Missions Weekend at Edinburg Road Chapel.  It was such an amazing time and it was so obvious that the Lord was with us.  Their church body has partnered with me in tangible ways and their encouragement is priceless.  Thank you ERC!img_5745

Since that weekend I have been able to share about my ministry three more times.  Each one was a special blessing and God has increased my financial support to 69% for one year.  I have been given the opportunity to share with 4 more churches before I make the move to Florida.  I am really looking forward to seeing how God moves the hearts of His people.  My prayer has been to give others hope and encouragement through the story of my journey.  May they see His faithfulness on display!

Last but certainly not least.  I had just finished work and was walking through the door of the house where I was staying when I got a phone call from the founder of Wings of the Way, a non-profit that uses aviation as a way to help transport victims of trafficking.  He asked me what I was doing over the next 2-3 days.  They were looking for a volunteer to accompany a victim as she was being relocated for her safety.  This would be my first relocation of a victim.  I have waited a long time for this day.  Through the graciousness of a handful of people, allowing me to temporarily leave my responsibilities, I was able to fly out the next day.  After 20 hours of travel the victim was  brought to her destination.  As is usual in this industry, it did not turn out quite as we had hoped.  While she was placed where she had requested to be, I was unsure that she would stay off the street.  We can only shine His light, pray and serve the best we know how.  May God transform her heart for His glory! I was able to show wow-logoseveral people the love of Jesus on that trip to include the two officers whose care I left her in.  Before I left, I was able to pray over the victim and I believe that impacted these two young policemen.  They were surprised that I would volunteer my time to do this.  It was my absolute joy.  You know what they say, when you love your job you won’t work another day in your life.  That is how I felt! So blessed beyond measure!

Next week I will be transitioning from my role here at Keswick.  After Labor Day, I will spend one week at home to finish out my time here in New Jersey.  That will be followed by a trip to Kentucky and Tennessee where I will spend time with my sister and share at her church.  I will also be sharing at my former church in TN.  It will be so wonderful to reunite with friends I have not seen in 3+ years.  Then, it’s off to Florida!!!  I am pretty excited!!!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  You all know that I could not serve was it not for your partnership so I gratefully thank you for your contributions and prayers.  I am thrilled to be entering into the calling God has placed on my life.

May the fire that God has placed in your heart burn bright,
Be encouraged!
Liz 🙂

Borrowed Blessings

I have found my way back to Keswick again 🙂  It is a great place to remember that it is only by God’s grace that we have made it as far as we have and only because of His mercy that we are given the honor of serving Him.

I am working part-time as a lifeguard as I continue to make connections and raise support to serve with Harvest Aviation. God has blessed my schedule and beginning Aug 10th, I will be sharing 6 times in various locations.  If you would like to come hear one of my presentations in your area, please see my schedule below.  You can email me directly for further information on times.


Sun, Aug 10th and 11th- Edinburg Road Chapel, Mercerville, NJ

Friday, Aug 16th- America’s Keswick, Whiting, NJ

Sun, Aug 18th- Calvary Community Church, West Keansburg, NJ

Sun, Aug 25th- Calvary Chapel Living Waters, Toms River, NJ

Sun, Sep 1st- Montco Bible Fellowship, Lansdale, PA

Sun, Sep 8th- Transformation Church (Send-off), Trenton, NJ

borrowed-blessingsGod has blessed me with some temporary items.  For the month of June, some dear friends opened their home to me and another couple loaned me their car. That was a huge blessing! I was able to meet with many people and prepare for the summer ahead.  When I made the transition to Keswick for the summer, I did not have a place to stay and was seeking God’s provision.  A couple I was introduced to while at Keswick had a camper that they weren’t going to use for most of the summer so they are allowing me to stay in their camper until my work ends here, just after Labor Day.  I love the outdoors so I am really in my element.  God has been so generous through the gifts of His people and  I am so grateful.  I have also been able to make some new friends here so that has been a rich blessing as well.

Thank you all for your continued support!  It would be AWESOME to see you at one of the upcoming events!

I am currently at 46% of my proposed budget for one year.  If you would like to contribute toward this need, you can do so here.  http://ContinueToGive.com/lizperr

God bless you all!

Liz 🙂